came into the world of wine almost by chance. One day, a couple of friends, who were importers and distributors of French wines, invited her to an exclusive tasting of a 1990 Chateau Margaux. Thanks to this unforgettable encounter with the unique character and quality of that Bordeaux, Agnes had found her vocation.

Shortly afterwards, she enrolled on a sommelier course in Rome and upon graduating in 2001 she went on to complete a Master’s in Wine Appreciation. She then embarked upon her professional career, joining Franco Maria Ricci’s team in the Italian Sommeliers Association (AIS) in Rome and contributing to the editorial staff of the Guida Duemila Vini wine guides.

She runs the Vino e Parole wine bar & shop in Rome, hosting exhibitions, encounters with producers and themed tastings to promote wine culture.

Along with collaborating with the editorial staff of the Italian Good Wine Guide (Guida Vinibuoni  d’Italia), published by Touring Club Italiano, she also edits the “matching food & wine” section on the blog of a prestigious Sicilian vineyard.

Her spare time is taken up with travelling, studying, tasting and venturing the length of Italy and, as often as she can, into France to further expand her knowledge of the terroir and tastes of the innumerable varieties of wines that these two countries export all over the world.

Agnes Futa’s philosophy can be summed up as:

To really know a vine, a territory, a wine, takes time.
A good taster must thus evolve as a wine does, and in order to grow, must not only know how to appreciate the sensorial aspects of the wine, but must be familiar with the territory, the geology, the climate of each vineyard and know what role these play in exalting the characteristics of each grape.
— Agnes Futa.


The buffalo is the symbol that represents Futa Wine E-commerce, as this mighty wanderer of the plains has a lot in common with wine.

The buffalo, like wine, has been present in the lives of men since the dawn of time, as prehistoric cave paintings can demonstrate.

The vine, for its part, shares many characteristics with the buffalo: it is a strong plant that can withstand adversity and bonds with the territory of its natural habitat to best grow and evolve over hundreds of years.

It would seem that the terroir has a central function for both, and in which probably lies the secret to their survival.



Futa Wine was founded by wine curator Agnes Futa, after twenty years’ experience in the world of wine as professional sommelier, with Master Class in wine appreciation, expert taster and specialist guide writer. Her passion and professionalism is now made available to discerning clients.

Futa Wine carefully selects its Wines, taking into consideration multiple factors including the soil, the grape and the age of the vines. Wines are made available only after having been personally tasted at the vineyard.

Particular attention is paid to wines with great ageing potential, where, thanks to the wine curator’s meticulous work, a wine’s capacity to have a future and its market value are carefully considered.

Completing the range of wines on offer are the prized vintages, characterised by maximum quality, tradition and respect for the terrain.

Agnes Futa is specialised in finding rare wines and can boast a comprehensive client portfolio, whom she assists in the selection of the finest European wines for their cellars.